Navigating the Post-Digital Era: The Strategic Imperative for CEOs and Marketing Directors

Written by: Koen Smeets

In the current advertising and media landscape, a seismic shift is underway. This is evident in how industry leaders such as Nike, P&G, Levi’s, and Philips are redefining their engagement with advertising and media agencies. These are not just changes in agency rosters in search of better pricing or service. These are structural changes and conceptual signals a pivotal moment where the value of strategic Post-Digital agencies like Re:Motive, in collaboration and seamless integration with data first, science driven partners comes into sharp focus.

Why is this shift happening? And more importantly, why should CEOs and Marketing Directors at leading companies pay attention?

1. Expertise in Martech and Data Science:

As giants like Nike and P&G increasingly internalize operations, they delve deeper into marketing technologies (Martech) and data analytics. This is where Post-Digital agencies become indispensable. Their profound understanding of Martech and data analytics complements in-house capabilities, driving marketing success. They tackle the prevalent issue of overspending and underutilization in Martech, optimizing existing tech stacks for maximum efficiency.

2. Humanistic, Integrated Marketing Approach:

Technology is pivotal, but its impact is maximized when balanced with a nuanced understanding of human behavior and market trends. Agencies like Re:Motive champion a human-centric approach, crucial for crafting campaigns that resonate deeply with consumers. In an era craving authenticity, this balance is not just beneficial – it’s essential.

3. Unbiased Strategic Guidance:

Distinctly, these agencies offer activation services, but transactional activation is not at the core of their business model, and they are happy to work with existing agencies in place, positioning themselves as impartial strategic advisors. This ensures that their ideas and strategies come first and are not swayed by preferences for certain channels or tactics, a crucial aspect for brands seeking holistic, unbiased marketing insights.

4. Mastering Integration:

In today’s fragmented media world, integrating audiences, technology, data, experiences, and channels is challenging but vital. Expertise from agencies like Re:Motive is key in interweaving these elements into a unified and effective marketing strategy.

5. Navigating the Post-Digital Landscape:

In the Post-Digital era, digital is not a separate entity but an integral part of the entire marketing strategy. Agencies like Re:Motive excel in integrating digital data and insights such as intent signals with survey based behavioral data that provides insights into emotions and motivations, ensuring synergy and amplifying impact.

6. Adapting to Rapid Changes:

The advertising sector is evolving rapidly. Staying ahead of these changes, Post-Digital agencies provide the agility and insight needed for brands to adapt and excel in a dynamic market.

Most companies big and small are trying to recalibrate their advertising focus, emphasizing digital first strategies, connecting in-house capabilities, first party data and qualitative information with transactional, intent signal from independent programmatic companies such as Crimtan who has direct Publisher deals that ensure a better deal for all involved by reducing absurd fees from DSPs, SSPs, and DCO platforms. This is a scenario, where the relevance of strategic Post-Digital agencies becomes paramount.

Re:Motive, with its comprehensive grasp of Martech, data science, programmatic including CTV, OOH and humanistic marketing, offers unbiased strategic guidance. They now stand out from the Status Quo os legacy agency models as ideal partners for brands navigating the complexities of today’s marketing landscape.

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