How we use the Principles of Permaculture at Remotive

In today´s media agency and marketing technology landscape, there is no other agency or company (that we know of) that roots its culture and operational ethos in the principles of permaculture. Yet, at Re:Motive Media, this unique foundation is exactly what sets us apart.

Permaculture and natural balance are at the core of Re,motive´s company culture

Our culture is not just influenced by permaculture—it’s driven by it. This alignment with sustainable and holistic principles is largely thanks to one of our founders, Dory Casas, a specialist in permaculture design, edible gardens, and food sovereignty.

Permaculture, a term coined from “permanent agriculture” and later expanded to “permanent culture,” is more than just an approach to farming. It’s a philosophy for life, emphasizing sustainability, harmony with nature, and thoughtful design that meets human needs while enhancing the environment. It strives to rebalance our race with nature and realign our habits and production processes with what is natural, something that with modern-day technology can be achieved easily – at scale.

The principles of permaculture guide us in creating systems that conserve resources, regenerate the land, and create abundance for all. Yes, that´s right, abundance, and profits too.

At Re:Motive Media, we apply these same principles to the media industry, aiming to create a Post-Digital business model and strategies for our clients that are not only then activated effectively but also generate returns that are ethically sound and sustainable.

Our approach is deeply influenced by the core principles of permaculture:

  1. Observe and Interact: Just as permaculture advocates for understanding the natural environment before making changes, we emphasize research and engagement with our audience and partners. This ensures our strategies are tailored and responsive, not prescriptive.
  2. Catch and Store Energy: In our context, this means capturing the momentum of trends and harnessing the creative energy of our team for innovative and effective media solutions.
  3. Obtain a Yield: We focus on creating programs that deliver real value to our clients and their audiences, ensuring a return on investment that goes beyond financial metrics to include social and environmental impact.
  4. Apply Self-Regulation and Accept Feedback: Continuous improvement is key. We welcome constructive criticism from within and from outside and use it to refine and evolve our approaches, always striving for excellence.
  5. Use and Value Renewable Resources: We prioritize sustainable practices in all aspects of our operations, from digital to physical, aiming to minimize our ecological footprint.
  6. Produce No Waste: Efficiency is our mantra. We aim to utilize all resources fully, reducing waste and maximizing the impact of our work.
  7. Design from Patterns to Details: Our strategies start with big-picture thinking, recognizing patterns in media consumption and audience behavior, and then drill down to the details that make each campaign unique.
  8. Integrate Rather Than Segregate: Collaboration is at our core. We build ecosystems of partners, clients, and creators that support and enhance one another.
  9. Use Small and Slow Solutions: We value agility and adaptability, recognizing that the most sustainable growth often comes through incremental improvements.
  10. Use and Value Diversity: Our team, our ideas, and our strategies are diverse, reflecting the multifaceted world we live in and the varied audiences we serve.
  11. Use Edges and Value the Marginal: We look for opportunities in the unexpected and value voices and ideas that are often overlooked, recognizing that innovation often comes from the margins.
  12. Creatively Use and Respond to Change: In the fast-paced media industry, change is constant. We stay nimble, ready to pivot our strategies in creative ways that align with our core values and the evolving landscape.

Dory Casas’ influence as a permaculture design specialist is evident in the way we operate at Re:Motive Media. Her expertise has not only shaped our company’s culture but also inspired us to think differently about the role of media in society. We are committed to not just participating in the media landscape but actively improving it, ensuring it serves as a sustainable and positive force in the world.

By integrating the principles of permaculture into our operations and culture, we are pioneering a new way of thinking about media and technology—one that is regenerative, ethical, and sustainable. We’re not just buying and selling media; we’re cultivating an ecosystem that offers a fresh alternative, delivers value beyond scale, not only to our clients but also to society, supports the planet, and inspires others to join us in this vital work.